In Aliance Française, everyone has a possibility to take the international DELF and DALF exams. All the exam papers are created by the Center of Pedagogical Studies in Sèvres, France. The Center patronizes the exams and issues official diplomas accepted all over the World.

Alliance Française is the only exam center in Lublin region where you can take the international exams DELF and DALF.


What are DELF and DALF exams?

DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) and DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) are the official diplomas issued by the french Ministry of National Education. They serve as a proof of the command of French language on different levels (from beginner to professional). Wide range of these exams is adjusted for the needs of people of different ages.


What are the levels of DELF and DALF exams?

There are 6 levels of advancement on the basis of The European System for the Description of Language Education.

DELF and DALF exams are independent form each other, which means that you can take the exam on a higher level without having a diploma of a lower level.

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