Polish for foreigners

Alliance Française in Katowice offers Polish language courses for foreigners at all levels.


Polish course


The courses are run by skilled, English- or French-speaking teachers. The students can take classes individually, online or in small groups. We offer courses for both beginners and more advanced learners of the language. The following groups are offered:


  • 45h semester= 719 zł, 120h year = 1319 zł 
  • 60h semester= 849 zł, 120h year = 1599 zł


Classes in groups start in mid-October 2019


*Schedule of individual courses is arranged directly with a student.


Individual course 45 min 60 min 60 min at home 60 min online
75 pln 95 pln 99 pln 70 pln


Course in group 719 pln / 45 h (once a week)
859 pln / 60 h (twice a week)


How to register for a course?



Bank account number:

Account name: Stowarzyszenie Alliance Française w Katowicach
Bank: Raiffeisen POLBANK
Account number: 62 1750 0012 0000 0000 4005 8532

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